Real Madrid will invite senior tour battle legend Ronaldo Beckham Manchester Lianzhong, led the batt

Real Madrid will invite senior tour battle legend Ronaldo Beckham Manchester Lianzhong, led the battle. Two team photo in November 13th, this season’s League will end in May 13th next year, and the Champions League final will be held in the 19. Also Poland and Ukraine co hosted the European Cup is June 8 start, so the club decided to hold the third session of the Senate race in the Champions League after the end of the European Cup before the start of the intermittent period, the opponent will be English Premier League Manchester United veteran team. Tournament stars will beyond the previous, has to determine the participation of Zidane, FIGO, Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United have Eric Cantona, the Neville brothers and Paul Scholes and Beckham will both teams play a half each. "Aspen": Galacticos 4 stars will gather in Real Madrid veteran to play in the tournament and one of the first game is on May 31, 2010, the real opponent is AC Milan veteran team, the Real Madrid veteran 4-3 victory over rivals, in the game star studded, Real Madrid in addition to Zidane, FIGO and old captain Sanchez, the legendary striker sang Tiya that and former five Eagle first Butragueno. Milan is also a galaxy of stars, Maldini, Baresi, Cafu, Lu Yi – Costa, Papin, and Weah, etc. have been retired. The game that has 75532 spectators at the scene is impressive, and after the game, Real Madrid will also be the game’s ticket revenue will be donated to the Real Madrid foundation, for the world sports circle of sudden death. June 6 this year ushered in the second session of the Senate race, finally Real Madrid veteran team 3 – 8 win Bayern veteran team, Zinedine Zidane and Karl Heinz Rummenigge headlining, the two sides in an open game hit the high score to please the fans. Bernabeu’s audience of the game more than 73000 people, and the event will help Real Madrid foundation for charity projects in africa. Real Madrid played in addition to Zidane, FIGO this several philanthropic star, fans in mind, the prince of Argentina Redondo also came to help out. Bayern in addition to Rummenigge and Brehm, the former Real Madrid player Blatner, and Alberta and Ma kai. Two previous successful experience, this year’s senior tour will be even more attractive, according to a report in the "Aspen", third veteran team’s opponents have been identified for the English Premier League Manchester United team. But now playing in Major League American Beckham will participate in the games, the two teams played in the first half of David beckham. Spanish media is the source of the news, if not expected, in addition to the first two of the participants in addition to Zidane, Figo, and Ronaldo! And Beckham, that Galacticos for a period of seven stars have 4 people will gather in the Bernabeu in the Senate race, have to say, this session of the stars will be unprecedented. Before Redondo, Mcmanaman and other former Real Madrid star will also continue to join the big family. In addition to Real Madrid veteran game can gathered to so many star charity match afraid only of Zinedine Zidane, FIGO tissue match the. The two previous Ronaldo failed to qualify for the, but this year’s Valentine’s Day aliens announced his retirement, plus and Zizou et al. Good personal relationship, Ronaldo participating also in reason. Real Madrid are still in contact with Carlos, but due to the Brazilian and.

Premiership round of the best Eden LED array, Liverpool 2 general Zal selected – a premier _ Phoenix

Premiership round of the best array: tie Diego headed, Liverpool 2 general selected o | hazard | premier Phoenix sports Phoenix sports news premier official comment on the 25th round the best lineup: 343 goalkeeper: worm, Swansea Swansea round 3-0 win over Cardiff City, goalkeeper worm solid performance, Cardiff City audience to complete seven effective attack door, but did not break the worm of the door, with his stable performance in front of the Swansea ushered in a victory, sky sports after the game to the worm played seven points. Defenders: Walker (spurs), Martin Skrtel (Liverpool), job (Norwich) Tottenham epicycle 1-0 victory over Everton, Walker, he assists Adebayor scored only goal of the game. The whole game, Walker completed a total of 36 foot pass, in which successful 27 feet, passing success rate of 75%, defensive end Walker also contributed three blocks and two steals. Liverpool round 5-1 swept Arsenal, Skrtel has become the team’s vanguard, he in the opening 10 minutes of time arranged the team 2 goals become defeat Arsenal hero. Skrtel throughout the race and completed a total of 38 foot pass, in which successful 32 feet, 3 times 4 times header success, defensive end and three steals, sky sports after the game to him played eight points to the score. Norwich round upset at home draw with Manchester City, the guard job performance and stability, by his headlining the defence successful limits the Manchester City attack group play, to secure the line without losing. After the game the sky sports to Job hit 7 points. Midfield: Sterling (Liverpool), Steve Sidwell (Fulham), Nolan (West Ham), Ince (Crystal Palace) for the Liverpool defender Sterling performance stunning, the game against Arsenal, he staged the plum to open two degrees, game 5 feet hit the door shoot all positive, 6 dribbles, two successful, 4 foul attack end lethal is evident. Sky Sports after the game gave him 8 points. Fulham round away draw with Manchester United, Sidwell is undoubtedly the greatest hero, he first received Holtby assists for Fulham scored the opener, before the whistle and relied upon his steals and instigated, Fulham to tie the game. Sidwell scored 8 points after the game. The West Ham 2-0 away victory over Vera, Nolan scored two goals, remarkable performance. Sky Sports after the game to Nolan played 8 minutes, West Ham also got a valuable victory. Thomas Ince on behalf of the Crystal Palace played his first Barclays Premier League then scored the first goal, and is one of the crucial first goal, Crystal Palace subsequent racing downwind downstream, and ultimately the 3-1 victory over West Brom, got the key way to avoid relegation. Striker: Azar (Chelsea), Shane long (hull), Emmanuel Adebayor (spurs) Azar called round star, facing the Newcastle game, Azar completed the first hat trick of his Chelsea career. One tear the opponent of the entire line of defense. The whole game, a total of 6 Zal completed foot hit the door, of which 4 foot shot, 44 foot pass 36 feet in place, the sky sports after the game to his hit 9 points. Hull City round away defeat to Sunderland, Sean – Ron opened the scoring for the team and scored 35 foot pass 23 times in place, manufacturing the key to the ball.

There will be changes in high-level inter exposure, the Brazil international has agreed to join the

Exposure inter level will change, the Brazil international has agreed to join black | international Milan | the Brazil international Phoenix sports "slow motion" screenshot tohir next week will once again arrived in the city of Milan, in the winter transfer window closing time Indonesians harnesses natural reverie. But despite the fans have recently been in the protest tohir stingy attitude in the transfer market, tohir himself does not seem to shake. And last season than we have made great progress, the goal of the international Milan set in the top four, this is reasonable, fans should be more patient, Rome city is not built in a day. Thohir recently said. As a result, "slow motion" revealed that Thohir is unlikely to come to Milan to bring investment, but may continue to make the article in the international Milan management, a new chief financial officer may be appointed. A possible new chief financial officer named Nicola Volpi, served as CEO in large private equity firm permira, no doubt is a financial expert. Recently, the reporter in the international Milan headquarters seen Volpi, although now he hasn’t got the appointment, it is estimated that soon took office, tohir left and right hand of Thomas – Shi Reeve will arrive next week in the city of Milan. During the trip, he should is appointed to take charge of this matter. As for the transfer market, before the news international Milan and Juventus competition for Real Madrid teenager morata, but now it seems hopeless. Although morata I put in a transfer request in order to get more playing time, but close relationship with Real Madrid international big FIFA agent bloom Lorenzetti but in an interview revealed said Ancelotti morata very seriously, he put morata as Real Madrid as the mainstays of the future. So just a few days ago, Real Madrid had just rejected a bid from England’s 20000000 euros. Obviously, the international Milan cannot charge more to convince people to put real madrid. Of course, there is good news, "slow motion" said Brazil Lazio striker Hernanes has agreed to join Milan international. Brazilians and Lazio’s contract expires in 2015, Hernanes has made it clear that than with the Biancocelesti renewal, so Lazio hope the Hernanes as soon as possible, in order to avoid next year ended up empty handed. International Milan to Hernanes would drool with envy, Mazzarri thinks the Brazil international can improve the quality of the Nerazzurri midfielder. According to the "Republican" said Hernanes’s agent, Joseph Lee has arrived in Italy last week, and has been in contact with the international Milan. The question now is the Nerazzurri before the offer was not accept Lazio, Inter Milan are willing to use icardi half ownership plus andreolli exchange Hernanes, and Lazio want cash Lotito psychological price as high as 17 million, "slow motion" that even international Milan can use Hernanes determination a bargain, the final fee will not be less than 10 million euros. In the case of Thohir refused to invest, the 10000000 euros, of course, through the sale of players to raise. Regardless of the sale of white gourd forest or Nokia, should can get funds more than 1000 million euros and the Nerazzurri therefore will accelerate the pace of cleaning. Day.

After the second player wage cuts alone, with only 35 points for inter half war in europe.

After the second player wage cuts alone, with only 35 points for inter half war in europe. Phoenix sports news Beijing time on the night of September 6, No. 19 Serie A, Inter Milan away after the 3-0 defeat to Udinese, nearly 14 season first new year’s battle lost. After the game, Inter have finished the season of serie a second half of the game, the 19th World War 11 wins, two draws and 6 defeats scores are not satisfactory, played a more still lag behind Juventus 9 points, even worse is that from the point of view of the process of the game, inter can’t seem to find any recovery of reason, before half of the League six game road winning streak to now 4 losing streak record, also reflects the inter team instability characteristics. Although ahead of rivals in the history of confrontation, but Inter but couldn’t find any restraint opponents, Wesley Sneijder and Milito’s absence, to Inter this game a squad of 14 only Samuel, Esteban Cambiasso and Javier Zanetti has become a five times winner of the key players, such inter people very strange. If it is said that the first battle in the history of the new year, inter 9 wins, 4 draws and 13 years without failure is a problem that is worth showing off, but in 2013, inter appearance of these players has absolutely no way to bring to the team once again surprise. No matter if Natan, Gargano or Pereira. This is Inter fans in the new season given expectations of the players also seems to be not worthy of the Serie A giants Jersey, second-class natural potential. Even Palacio, Xiao Juan and Antonio Cassano, after stunning season for a period of time, also in the long silence, in contrast, Antonio Di Natale, the 35 year old veteran of the audience sent seven shots, scoring two goals, and the whole inter shot just 13, two starting forward add up to only three times. The new season, stramaccioni has magnificent blueprint team inhalation lots of new players, and bid farewell to the Maicon and Lucio, Cesar this hero, but more than half of the season, in addition to handanovic and Cassano managed to reach the expectation value of, Sylvester ray, Pereira and so become parallel synonymous. If Inter in the 2012 summer signings have let a person feel very affordable, but after the half is mule is horse has been very clear, blocked Wesley Sneijder and Inter in passive is easy to defeat opponents. No major suit players, no player is how to turn back the powers of darkness, inter called giants? With the advance of the schedule, Wesley Sneijder’s absence made inter question is increasingly obvious, the game, sits in the centre of midfield two Inter player, Gargano ball 64 times, successful in 51 times, sent two key ball, white gourd forest only completed 35 foot pass, was successful in 27 times, which also makes the ball, so mediocre data almost let Inter fans want to see, let the human sob is, prior to the main avant-garde kambia Thorburn game at centre back, but the creation of the 39 foot pass are successful, but the interception, he only 3 times or a few defenders in the highest. After the second half of the new season, Inter have 19 World War 11 wins, two draws and 6 negative results, this result although than last season to be slightly better, but to strive to Renaissance won the Serie A title for the Nerazzurri is the lack of absolute power. More worrying is, in this season.

Manchester City 13 minutes to 3 degrees and staggered, tens of thousands of fans singing as Ferguson

Manchester City 13 minutes to 3 degrees and staggered, tens of thousands of fans singing as Ferguson. City fans sang 3 more than 2! Manchester City to a 3 and started their new season defending journey, however, compared to earlier start of Chelsea firmly with a 2-0 victory over, blue moon this victory came too risky, and even can be said to let people surprised out in a cold sweat, if not Nasri’s last-minute winner Savior, I’m afraid the late Premier League champions really will lose in the starting line. From leading, be equalized, is back to the tie to eventually lore win, the game Manchester City people can say is from heaven and hell to heaven reincarnation several times. However, this thrilling scene, but then the deja vu, yes! Three months ago, is also a race of the season in the Premier League at the end of the round against Manchester City, Queen’s Park, indeed also staged such a dramatic scene: the 39th minute Zabaleta help Manchester City took the lead; the 48th minute QPR striker Djibril Cisse and to pull the score to a 1-1 draw; after 66 minutes of Mackey let Queen’s Park counter ultra score was 2 to 1 ratio; hanging line moment Manchester City finally force,
Chelsea Soccer Jersey, Dzeko 92nd minute equaliser and Aguero in the final seconds complete lore, and ultimately help Manchester City lifted the team in the history of the first Premier League title. Return to tonight’s game, although this game is not related to the title battle of life and death, but in the whole process, but can also called as the ups and downs, the same exciting — from Lambert the 59th minute equaliser goal to the 72nd minute Dzeko will pull the score for the 2 to 2 level, just 13 minutes of time within both sides take turns into the three ball, life and death staggered, atmosphere to detonate the climax scene dakaidage moment, which is the premier unique charm. From last season’s ending to the first round of the new season, two Madden and ups and downs of the ratio of 3 to 2, the interval between the whole 98 days time, but Premier League and we are familiar with the Premier League, after nearly a hundred days of waiting finally returned! Although the middle of the Olympic Games and the European Cup, but the Premier League or his unique charm to attract fans. Another attraction of the game is at the Etihad Stadium on the edge of the tens of thousands of Manchester City fans,
soccer jersey replica thailand, when Manchester City in the scene made a 1 – 0 lead, excited fans have begun to sing of victory: that’s why we’re champions (which is why we are the champions, and finally turned to satire rivals Manchester United, Manchester City fans and chanting: we won the league in Fergie time (we in ‘Fergie time’ won the Premier League).


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Liverpool Soccer Jersey, Fu Di fine as an Ci. A monkey of the Fan crepe,
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The continuous activation of Bojan bench scoring striker, he will not miss Milan pato.

The continuous activation of Bojan bench scoring striker, he will not miss Pato in Milan. Phoenix sports news Beijing time in January 6th, the 2012-13 season in the Serie A League to start the nineteenth round of competition, AC Milan home 2-1 victory over Siena. Games for Milan Open victory gate is the former Barcelona prodigy Bojan, he for the second round of the substitute devotion goal, League number of goals reached 3 capsules. The appearance of Bojan has been activated in Milan striker, and won the salad Pazzini chance to score. The Spaniard with his outstanding play once again proved their ability, Milan because he has more confidence to meet behind the demanding schedule. Not long ago, Milan AC officially on sale Pato, Brazil to transfer 15000000 euros worth of Brazil giants corinthians. Many people think that Milan Pato sale time lack of consideration, the team now fronts is need more players, especially when the building blocks of outstanding players, but Milan are in such is not high price sale core players. But Allegri has previously said, does not affect the Milan striker Pato lost, because Milan has a lot of excellent striker. Best striker in El shaarawy needless to say, but Pacini and Robinho seem to be from this standard too far. The critical moment, the coach said evidence Bojan step forward bravely, he is the outstanding striker of Milan worth on. The last round of League Milan away defeat Rome. Most of the players play unexamined, only Bojan almost single handedly create miracles. He came off the bench for 20 minutes, scored 1 goals and made 2 very threatening attack opportunities. After a media comment Michihiro Yang will be a flashpoint for Milan, the second half, he has hope and El shaarawy composed of a super attack combination. Indeed, Bojan again stunning didn’t make people long. Today, in the face of the vice monitor AC Siena, Milan resorted to Pacini and Sarave’s strike partner. Sarave in the first half had two very good opportunity to break, but Pacini was completely frozen, he only touched the ball 4 times, the number of shots is awkward 0. The Milan striker is blocked, only reluctantly accepted the first half stalemate. The beginning of the second half, Milan attack is still not changed, Allegri sent Bojan to strengthen the attack. The fact that this change is the outcome of the game in hand today. After playing not only Bojan opener, and the activation of the downturn in the Milan attack. In the fifty-fifth minute substitute Bojan Nocerino play, when the Milan offensive is in the most difficult time. Bojan play, Milan from the two strikers became the three striker configuration has been changed, the scene instantly. Then 5 minutes inside the salad and Pacini has to get the chance to score, but due to bad luck, Milan has not yet achieved a goal. But today’s game is meant to be Bojan, 67 minutes. He then Boateng Ginobli, succeeded in the restricted area header, for Milan’s opener. The goal greatly inspired a Milan player morale, missed several opportunities Pazzini was stimulated by his teammates, shortly after Milan scored lock the victory ball. "35 minutes off the bench, sent 21 passes, including 1 pass threat. 4 attempts, the success of the 2. There are 2 times to hit the door, scored a goal. "Efficiency has been far more than many.

Shame Milan against vice monitor crop failure, 13 Liansha record end.

Shame Milan against vice monitor crop failure, 13 Liansha record end. .vPlay{text-align:center; position:relative.vPlay em{background:url ( no-repeat top left _background:url (; no-repeat top left; position:absolute; top:0; left:100px; _left:150px; _top:122px; width:400px; height:300px; display:block; cursor:pointer.vPlay em:hover{background:url ( no-repeat top left Click to view the video game before 0-0, Milan had 13 Liansha Chievo Phoenix sports news away 0-0 draw with AC promoted, the embarrassment of Milan continues, they have suffered 6 matches in all competitions, including 4 League Games record of 2 flat 2 negative. More shame, campaign AC Milan draw with rivals Chievo is vice president of the league, and the campaign before the 13 games, Milan completed 13 even killed. But tonight, whether Kaka again how hard, Allegri on the sidelines again to hurry, save not the Rossoneri continue to decline in the momentum. In the first half, the performance of the two sides will appear trite and insignificant, until the second half, the opportunity to appear again and again. Kaka on the pitch and spare no effort to run, as Balotelli accumulated yellow cards are missing, he must be on the court assume more responsibility for the attack. But over 30 of Kaka has been less of the past, and in the game, he has been focused on the opponent to take care of many times, and eventually to the end of the game, he was Allegri ahead of schedule. Originally, Kaka has been send opponent strike for many times, but Milan striker state of poor, less Balotelli, the current state of the motley cannot instigate crossbeam. In addition, two flank of the center support is not enough. Robinho was the hero Savior, but his last single column let Galliani and Allegri once again disappointed in him. Before the face of only 5 points in the championship, Milan shopping 90 minutes or not to take the match. Game, lens has repeatedly alignment stands of Adriano Galliani, but with the advance of the game, his face than a ugly. And at the end of the race, Allegri on the sidelines also sit not to live, he bench snarling, remind his players to go on the offensive, but in the end, Milan or.

Manchester City Youth star defendant drugged rape, said voluntary sexual relations.

Manchester City Youth star defendant drugged rape, said voluntary sexual relations. Left for Evans, right for Macdonald city recently described as the highest frequency of exposure to the media, the team, the players came from Manchester City has become a media headlines. "The Daily Mail" revealed that the last two people from Manchester City youth training camp players because of the alleged rape is being investigated by the police. Two players are 23 years old this year, is now a force to thank the forward contract DS Evans. Another is the Port Vale defender MacDonald. According to the woman said, on the day of the bank holiday, she went to the bar for a drink, encounter two players, she thought the two men in her wine in the remedy to the case, and then put her to the hotel and rape. According to the woman’s own memories, when she entered the bar, and friends together, then she drank four groups of vodka, leaving the friend, then something has not remember, when his sober again and found is lying naked in the hotel. And Evans and MacDonald said that at that time the woman drink a lot of wine, and then they would chat with that woman lend wine to sprinkle crazy agreed and they have sex. The woman told the court said that she finds someone in his hand to the wine do the hands and feet, because so much more than the past, their capacity for liquor, even drink more also won’t drunk unconscious. But police investigated the surveillance video of the bar, see the woman holding a glass of wine out of the pub door, stumbled and fell, then squatted on the ground and several men talking. Police investigation of the blood samples of the woman, found that the composition of cocaine and marijuana, but the woman denied that the night before taking any medication. In an interview with the daily mail, the woman said: I can drink very well, the day that alcohol will not let me drunk, and after the relationship between two people is still unknown, there must be a person of my wine moving the hands and feet. I did not want to go to the police station, but I found them (the players) did not want to take responsibility, so I decided to call the police. Evans was born in Welsh, the alleged rape, in Manchester City youth training camp to receive professional training, 06/07 season for Manchester City youth team played 16 games 23 goals, while preparing for the 10 games into 6 balls. In 2008 also on behalf of Manchester City in the Premier League, the harvest of the goal. Evans is now in the middle of the game, and he has two degrees in the middle of the week. Macdonald was born in Liverpool, now playing in the second division port vale.

The third round of the game is only 1 points, and Manchester City want to qualify can only expect a

The third round of the game is only 1 points, and Manchester City want to qualify can only expect a miracle. Phoenix sports news to take 1 points, regardless of which point of view, Manchester City have stood on the edge of the Champions league. Last year’s Champions League match, Manchester City in the two team of the weakest of the David Villa, after the score reached 10 points can not qualify, and now in the face of the weakest of the group, Ajax, Premier League champion in a passive situation almost lost all the fight. The Champions League, Mancini’s team on the road is the 5 of fourth games to defeat the opponent. As a newly emerging giants, Manchester City in the Champions League road can be described as a very smooth, despite the Premiership title last season, but the team also need to have a better performance in the Champions League, after all, Chelsea is to rely on 9 years of hard work, to win the Champions League trophy among the top clubs, and now, it is the turn of Manchester City to start their own historical position. But this event, as the defending champion of Manchester City still in the game has not improved. First round away is the real reversal, a home game against Dortmund battle, the team is still the only harvest to a draw, and must be faced with Ajax, Roberto Mancini’s side or even a defeat. Round a product only, Manchester City can be said once again let fans disappointed. If the Champions League team out last season, but also said that the lack of experience, and now the top of the Premiership Champions League, blue moon should not have any excuse. This year’s performance may not be as good as last year, to know, last year’s first two rounds also only get 1 points, with the same situation before the game is completely the same. But in the decisive battle of the third game, Manchester City and fix the Villarreal, and subsequently double opponent, however, teams in the integral reach 10 points still don’t qualify, in contrast, now lost to Ajax in the bad situation, team can rely on what made to qualify? According to statistics, Manchester City 24 Champions League squad total worth up to 4.9 billion euros, but even so, in the Champions League, a team still appears to be insufficient strength, two season Manchester City have been conducted on five away games, in addition to beat Villarreal, Roberto Mancini’s team in the game to array the remaining four teams team unexpectedly after all. Facing the Bayern Munich and Real Madrid this wealthy family, Manchester City have not had the courage and heritage; and in front of Naples and Borussia Dortmund this upstart, Manchester City failed to come up with due to the strength and performance. Now the face of the decline of Ajax, worth many times higher than the opponent the advantage is almost no manchester. Lose the opportunity to take the game points, it can be said that the Manchester foot has left the Champions League, after all, next opponent for Manchester City also not fuel-efficient lamp, Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund will also on the outgoing do final effort, and Ajax beat Manchester City wouldn’t be away in Manchester City will have the opportunity to give up, perhaps, Manchester City to qualifying group stage must wait for the miracle.